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September 10, 2014


Freyja Veda


Freyja Veda

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repeat from Tha Tattoo Zone

September 8, 2014

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repeat from •WE ARE VANITY•

August 7, 2014



there was an article about it and it said there is nothing to satisfy how you feel about the thing being so cute so the natural human urge is to kill it so it will stop being cute

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repeat from electric lady



i’ve watched this like 12 times i can’t stop laughing


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repeat from all is not lost

Loving her will not
always be easy.

She will weave herself
into bad poetry some
nights to keep you
from seeing her without
her skin.

One day, you will
see her without
her skin.

She will pull on the
edges of herself until
she has come
completely unraveled
on the kitchen floor.

She does not need
help picking herself
back up, but the
company is nice every
once in a while.

One day, she will
show you what it
means to be made
of something so
easily pulled apart.

Some nights, she
will need herself more
than she needs you.

There are stars in
her eyes that burn like
hell if you bury yourself
against them for too
long, do not let this
stop you from seeing

She will not always
be easy to convince,
she will wake up each
morning wrapped
around the worry that
your heart stopped
beating for her over

She will love you
with everything she
has ever had.

Do not take her
away from herself.

on loving firecracker women, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

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repeat from Here's Hoping You Never See This

There is nothing
to fix, here.

My being is one
of rough patchwork
and hidden entrance
wounds; even I do
not notice them until
I have tripped over
their swollen bodies,
still working on
healing, never fully

I have woken so many
from their sleep.

I will share with you
this broken, proud
thing, if you decide
you would like to
know her, just know
she has grown her
fair share of rust.

She will be hard to hold
for the first few nights.

When she wakes,
tangled up in herself, a
moment of forgetfulness
will allow you to see her
as I do, so clearly, as
this disheveled, imperfect,
lovable thing.

Tell her you love her,
but only if you do.
She will never be able
to hear it enough.

She will trace over the
sound of your voice, all
night. Her dreams will
be filled to their edges
with the memory of
your lips, your tongue,
wrapping themselves
around the words she
has never been close
enough to hear.

Do not let her drown
in her own self-doubt.

She is not to be fixed,
but that does not mean
that she couldn’t use
some help swimming,
every once in a while.

It is not weakness
to have been broken,
it is weakness to
pretend you never

i talk about her as if she is separate from me, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

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repeat from Here's Hoping You Never See This

August 6, 2014

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repeat from Black Stabbath

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repeat from PHOENIX

My Makeup + Skin Care Tips


While most people’s acne-prevalent years are junior high and high school, I was fortunate enough to have flawless, tan and freckled skin through those days. I was just like hell yeah god bless I don’t even have to wash off my makeup at night and I still don’t get zits my life is awesome. And then at the age of 19, I was cursed with annoyingly bad acne, most likely caused by the karma from being a cocky little shit about my skin when I was 14.

I never really wore foundation before this, so I started wearing a lot more foundation, concealer, powders, etc. All this caked on makeup made my skin worse, but it taught me a lot about makeup application and what products really work and don’t work.

Now, after learning more about skin care as well, I have a solid makeup and skin care routine that leaves my skin almost always acne free. Here are the products I use and my skin care tips for you!

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repeat from Fit Personality

August 3, 2014

i’m chill in the way that i existentially don’t care about anything because it literally doesn’t matter

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repeat from butts brunch & blunts


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repeat from Fly Candy

ZodiacChic Post:Sagittarius


ZodiacChic Post:Sagittarius

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repeat from Zodiac Chic

August 1, 2014

A definite must watch…for anyone who is curious…


A definite must watch…for anyone who is curious…


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My name is Max. My world is fire and blood - Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

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repeat from and i will lead them on a merry chase.

#german #italian #japanese #scotch #french #mexican #californian


#german #italian #japanese #scotch #french #mexican #californian

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repeat from The Khool Haus